Every Nation Cincinnati Church
Sunday Services at 9:30 and 11:00 AM
3722 Clifton Ave. | Cincinnati, OH

Our Christian Church, Every Nation Cincinnati (EN Cincy), includes people of many ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities. Genuine people growing and experiencing hope, community, and God’s love.


A brief welcome message from our founding pastors.


Dr. Brian Taylor, lead pastor, preached this sermon as part of our Miracle Series: Revelations in the Storm. How to trust God and feel his presence and power, even in the midst of our strongest difficulties.

“My family and I love Every Nation Cincy. We don’t have any extended family in the area. Since we’ve been coming here, our church has become our family. We appreciate the worship, preaching, ministry for the young people, and ways we are generous within our city and world at large. But I am most thankful for the family we have become. We are a blessing to our church and our church is a blessing to us.”

— Vincent Rey

“I loved my Every Nation church in the Philippines. So when I moved back to this area in 2017, I started coming to Every Nation Cincy. Over time, the people here have become my tribe, my community…my second family. It’s more than social—it’s a heart connection. Although we come from different backgrounds, we’re following Christ as one.”

— Rico Curioso

“I’ve been a follower of Jesus for decades. During Covid, I was looking for a church that’s led by God on all levels, including Biblical teaching and worship,  authentic people, and prayerful, ethical leadership. That’s how I feel about Every Nation Cincy. If you’re searching for a church with a friendly, comfortable environment, and multiple ways to grow in your faith, I encourage you to give us a try!”

— Cinny Roy