FAQ: Quick Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What do you believe?
We believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and seek to honor God in all that we do.


What do I do with my kids? Will they be engaged?

From birth on, we nurture children as they grow and develop. Providing an inclusive, safe environment for kids to get to know God, grow in their faith, and make lasting friends. All staff and volunteers are background checked and trained. We periodically host Next Generation Sundays, offering young people an opportunity to play an integral part in our services. The older kids have outside activities and may travel for life-changing mission work, as well.


What's your vibe?

Newcomers often remark about our inviting atmosphere and how authentic the people are here. Whether you’ve never visited a Christian church, are simply checking us out, or are a seasoned follower of Jesus, we hope you’ll stop by one of our Sunday services. Join us for a service, grab a cup of coffee, and feel at home.

What is service like?

Our services last approximately 70 minutes. The EN Cincy worship team begins with vibrant gospel and contemporary Christian music, leading us into God’s presence. Then a pastor or guest speaker preaches and teaches us about the Bible and how the scriptures relate to our lives today. Trust us, our services aren’t just “endured.” We leave encouraged, uplifted, and sometimes even challenged by God’s love.

What should I wear?

Come as you are! We are generally casual in our attire. Like to dress down? Or up?

Dress however you’re most comfortable.

What about giving?

As a first-time guest, although it is appreciated, we do not expect you to give to our church. Funds are used for church operating expenses, as well as to support specific projects, missions, and needs, as we share God’s love locally and globally.

Can I take communion and receive prayer?

We partake in communion, a remembrance of Christ’s sacrifice for us, on the first Sunday of every month. All believers are welcome to participate. At the end of every service, faithful men and women will be available to stand with you in prayer. Please, do not hesitate to ask someone to pray for you or those you care about! In addition, our staff prays together weekly in response to prayer requests. Feel free to request prayer at any time.


What if I want to lay low for awhile? Do I have to join everything?

No, please don’t feel pressure from us to jump right in. We’re just glad you’re here. Some people dive right into classes and/or activities. Others are super busy and wait until they have more time. Or maybe you’re someone who takes awhile to ease into things. No worries. You’re more than welcome to simply attend services. And if you continue coming, we hope someday you’ll join us for more. Gatherings are a great way to connect and gain support from others, grow spiritually, and deepen our faith.

“For me, especially as an international student from Nigeria, Every Nation Cincy has become home. I love getting to know people from all over the world. I imagine this is how heaven will be. Diverse, and beautifully united in Christ.”

— Tolu O.