Let's Talk is a half day retreat discussing what God says about sexuality and purity for preteens, middle schoolers and high schoolers. Students will be split by age group and gender for each session, but will come together for games and lunch in between sessions. Parents can view the full curriculum for each age group below.


Saturday, February 4, 10am - 3pm

10:00 AM:  Welcome
10:15 AM:  Session 1
11:00 AM:  Game

11:30 AM:  Session 2
12:15 PM:  Lunch
1:00 PM:  Session 3

1:45 PM:  Game
2:15 PM:  Session 4
3:00 PM:  End


For this three-session series, students find the refreshing freedom that comes from revealing sin, repenting, and replacing old habits with new standards. They’ll learn from Ephesians 4:21-24 how to throw off the old, sinful nature and allow the Holy Spirit to renew thoughts and attitudes. Find purity and stay fresh!

Preteen Girls (4th-5th grade) - Brooklyn Sumovich
Preteen Guys (4th-5th grade) - Ugo Okoli and Carlos Fabregas

session 4

In Session 4, preteens will meet in same gender groups and have the opportunity to ask their leader questions they've been wondering. Leaders will screen all questions and provide Biblically-based answers.


This four-lesson series guides students in healthy conversations about what the Bible says about gender and sexual identity - both for their personal lives and for society as a whole.
Middle schoolers and high schoolers will be in separate groups, but using the same curriculum.

Middle School Girls (6th-8th grade) - Robyn Hubbuch
Middle School Guys (6th-8th grade) - Van Dobbins
High School Girls (9th-12th grade) - Kylie Parks
High School Guys (9th-12th grade) - Mark Karenbauer

Session 1

We were created in the image of God. Sacred, holy, separate from the rest of his creation and from one another as male and female. When we grasp the understanding of bearing God’s image and being made in his likeness, we can appreciate and celebrate who we really were created to be. When we choose to focus on who God is, we begin to experience our true identity and purpose.

session 2

Wrestling against identity and sexuality wasn’t a part of God’s plan for us. He wants to renew our understanding of who we are by revealing the beauty of who he is through his Word.

session 3

God created us to reflect his image and nature by setting us apart from creation and from one another as male and female. Sin has corrupted God’s created order, but Jesus’ life serves as a model for us, and his death purchased our freedom from sin. God’s plans and purpose apply to every aspect of our lives, including our sexuality and gender identity.

session 4

God created us to worship him with our physical bodies. He has also given us the choice to ignore his created order, but the result is chaos. Through adoption, we can be called the children of God and approach him confident of the relationship he gives us as his children.